As a fellow Type One Diabetic, I love to read your stories and comments on your own experiences with T1D. I may be contacted via the contact boxesΒ below, and will happily take the time to read and reply to any comments you may have, if of course, you wish to share them!

So, if you have reached this far, thank you for taking a little browse through my infamous pages of waffle. It is here that I must address the boring (but equally important) element of writing about a complicated and confusing disease. Type One Diabetes is a nifty bugger of a condition, and due to this, every individuals care and needs may differ. Everything that you shall read here is my personal opinion, not that of a third-party. As a musician, anything I write here should not be taken as medical advice, I really do not know everything, nor am I qualified in any respect (medically speaking, of course) to advise an individual on their healthcare requirements. If you read anything here that makes you consider altering your own Diabetes management, you should consult with your Doctor or Diabetes Specialist team first.


Thank you for your continued support, folks!